The El Nabil collection is undoubtedly the most renowned Oriental brand in France, with nearly a decade of presence. This brand continually innovates and offers increasingly extraordinary aromatic fragrances.

Encased in containers that unmistakably evoke Arabia and its treasures, the El Nabil collection enchants with the luxuriousness of its bottles.

If there's one thing that Musc El Nabil excels at, it's capturing the essence of its perfumes. With its design reminiscent of oriental palaces, the El Nabil collection is truly enticing. It adds a touch of exoticism to any bathroom, like the cherry on top.

Lovers of Oriental cosmetics will generously appreciate the voluptuous character of El Nabil's perfumes.

What makes this French brand truly unique is its specific and purely Peninsula-inspired identity.

With hints of amber musk blended with the sweetness of islands and the Mediterranean, Arabian fragrance has evolved over time through territorial conquests. Of course, certain modern aromas have also benefited from this expertise.

Through centuries of exchange with Indian pharmacopoeia via the Arabian Sea, musk has naturally become an integral part of Arabian perfumery.

It is exclusively through commercial exchanges with Southeast Asia that perfumes like the El Nabil collection have been enriched with impressive new fragrances.

The discovery of the islands of the Indian Ocean represents the pinnacle of these explorations, offering new tropical scents.

Musc Al Quraishi: The epitome of the El Nabil collection. Al Quraishi Perfumes is one of the most luxurious perfume houses in Mecca. By marketing the perfume from the nerve center of the Oriental world, they express the grandeur of the desert in a bottle. Their perfumes stand out by providing the necessary freshness to brighten the trail, which can be hardened by the scorching heat of desert lands.

Musc Bella: Exclusively for women. By working with subtle fruity notes, the El Nabil collection captures the freshness of citrus and fruits from the Qasim Valley. This Arabian region benefits from the gentle ocean currents of the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. The final touch is provided by delightful tropical base notes, infused with Tonka bean.

Nature and wild plants at the heart of delightful fragrances. The El Nabil collection skillfully blends flavors to incorporate the sweetness of coastal orchards into its olfactory recipes. By adding hints of mint, bergamot, or orange to their formulas, they bring succulent, sweet, fruity, and refreshing flavors that bring balance and sweetness to the core of their perfumes and musk el Nabil.

In fact, the El Nabil collection has become one of the most prestigious brands, available at the heart of the Luxurious Fragrance online boutique.

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